Putting Together the World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

About the puzzle
Name: Historical World Maps
Number of Pieces: 18,240
Size when put together: About 276 x 192 cm (6.3 x 9 feet)
Made in Germany, 2002

About the Assembly
Participants: Chris and Naomi Hathaway
Start/End Date: April 25, 2004 to April 17, 2005
Number of Man Hours: Way too many to count.

The Puzzle

The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

The Story

I served and LDS mission in Austria, where puzzles and board games are considerably more popular than here in the states. Well, one P-Day, we were just shopping around and I saw this puzzle from Ravensburger (a German company). I thought to myself, "Man, who in their right mind would try to put together something like that." Well, about a year later, I was back home and dating my future wife, Naomi. I found out she enjoyed puzzles and games, so the next time we were at the local game shop, I had to show her this monster of a puzzle. When she saw it, she immediately exclaimed, "Ahh, I love maps! I want to do this puzzle." So, a few months later, she bought it on eBay for a lot less than it usually costs (it's usually about 175, but we got it for just over 100). We were rather relieved when we opened it up and found that the four maps that fit together to make the big puzzle were in separate bags, so it was more like doing 4 4500-piece puzzles, but still a monstrous task. So, on April 25, 2004, we started on the first of the four maps.

After getting through a large part of the first portion of the puzzle, we realized we needed to start thinking about how to store the parts of the puzzle as we completed them. Naomi lived in a small college apartment, so we could barely fit one panel at a time, and then, after we got married, we still could only fit one fourth of it in our study, where we continued to work on it. Eventually, we came across an idea that worked quite nicely. Whenever we needed to move a portion of the puzzle (or store it so we could start on the next one), we would place the puzzle on a large piece of felt, then take a long cardboard tube and simply roll it up. As we finished each fourth, we would simply roll it up on top of the old one. This made the puzzle very portable and storeable, despite its great size. After finally finishing all four panels, we simply unrolled each in our living room (the only room big enough to fit them all), and connected them together to reach the final product. We completed the puzzle just under one year later, on April 17, 2005.

Now, I must give credit where credit is due; my wife Naomi was the main contributor in putting together this puzzle (she is much better at it than I), and probably was responsible for at least 80% of the complete puzzle, while I chipped in the other 20% (I did most of the sorting of pieces, and helped somewhat in the assembly). I would say the most difficult part of the puzzle was the thick gold band that separated each panel. The pieces were all the exact same color, and often times, pieces would fit in a place fine, but then at the end there would be pieces that didn't fit in the leftover holes, so you had to keep trying different rearrangements until all of the pieces fit. I never had the patience to do that kind of work; that was all my wife.

As soon as we find a house big enough, I would like to have the puzzle glued together and hung in a study or library, though this may not be for many years to come. Naomi is not nearly as concerned; she, I think, is just glad that it's done. I searched online quite a bit, and only found 2 (maybe 3) instances of people reporting to actually finish the entire puzzle, but I believe we did it the quickest. Plus, when we started, we were only engaged, and so we had probably a good month break in July when we were married. And no, we didn't have a puzzle-themed wedding :)




I was very pleased to find that someone has completed the total 18,000 piece World Maps puzzle.  I have been quite curious if anyone completed it and how many.  Only those that have completed a section can appreciate the involvement of doing this puzzle. 

I am about 90 % finished with the 4th section, but I did not complete all of the borders.  I just had to many problems and to much frustration.  I knew I would have problems joining the sections and I also had no place to even try, so I straight edge cut the borders.

I was very much impressed with your complete picture.

Sincerely,  Jim Bowman



My fiance has a fasination

My fiance has a fasination with maps since he is a civil engineer and land surveyor. He found this site with your story and began his search to find and purchase this puzzle (he's amazing at them)! After almost 3 years of looking in stores around Iowa and online we found not a single one. We did however see them online priced at over $250 and an extra $50 for shipping at the cheapest but always unavailable since they don't make it anymore. Just today we went into a mall in Des Moines, IA to do Christmas shopping and I seen this puzxle. My fiance's jaw dropoed! We couldn't believe it was sittong in front of us! I purchased it for him for $160, a great steal compared to the prices we have seen online! Austin, my fiance, walked away with the biggest smile on his face and perhaps the best Christmas presrnt ever! We haven't decided if we want to put it together and hang it in his office at work or save it as a collectors item, being it is over 10 years old and not made anymore...but we are leaning more on putting it together :) I am hoping to keep a log of how many hrs it takes us to put together and time it takes!


Chris and Naomi,

What a beautififul puzzle and a big job you did.
My last puzzle job was together with a good friend: 9000 pieces ''Astrology'' from Ravensburger.

I also write you to solve a problem.
I want to buy the puzzle ''Country Seasons 18,000 Piece Large Format Jigsaw Puzzle'' from Bits & Pieces.
In the USA I can't buy it, because there comes no ship into the direction of Europes (Bit& Pieces told me).

Do you know another solution ?

Greetings and thanks,

Bart van Cleef

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Appreciating the time and energy you put into your site and in depth information you offer.
It's great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same old rehashed
information. Wonderful read! I've bookmarked your site and I'm including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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got some questions


i m pornthep from thailand

i m planning to buy and complete the 18000 pcs puzzle

but i got some questions to ask you

 well first of all congrats about ur wedding n completion of a big puzzle

1. is it too fast to try the 18000 pcs by just doin a few 1000 pcs jigsaw puzzle which took 2 weeks(half hour each day)

 2. is the pieces good n what about the shape is every pieces got the same shape??

3.did yu guys have trouble with any main part apart from the borders

4.are yu putting a frame around the jigsaw?
thanx a lot

hope yu wontt mind me askin a lot !!


answers to some questions

1. This puzzle took longer than other puzzles mostly because I would get tired of working on it and take much longer breaks than I would with smaller puzzles. Each of the four sections took 2-3 months and I would take long breaks before I would start the next one. If I worked on it constantly I could have had it done much sooner. The trick is sticking to it and not giving up.

2. There are different shapes for pieces, but I did start to notice patterns. Skinnier pieces went one way and short fat pieces went the other direction. There were less odd shaped pieces and they often seemed to go in straight lines vertically throughout the puzzle. The border was hard because lots of the pieces fit together even though they were in the wrong place and there was no picture to tell you if you were right or not since they all looked the same.

3. I would say other than the border the hardest thing were some of the oceans on the maps. Especially the one where the whole thing was cream colored with black dots. There was just a lot to do. I always saved the maps for last and did the ocean very last.

4. For now we're storing the puzzle on big pieces of felt rolled up around cardboard tubes. When we get to a more permanant home someday we will probably glue the puzzle together and maybe frame it.

Ravensburger Puzzle question


I am writing all the way from South Africa. Congratulations on finishing the puzzle. I imported the puzzle for my wife last year after she spotted it on the internet. It was not available here in South Africa, so we asked a family member to send us one from the States. We have a puzzle room and I built my wife a special puzzle table to accommodate the puzzle. She has been buzy on the puzzle all by herself (I have my own hobbies) for almost a year and hopes to finish within the next two weeks. However, she seems to struggle with the golden border and I was hoping that you could provide some help. She would like to know how many rows make up the golden borders between the four maps, both the one horizontally and vertically? At the moment the left two puzzles fit perfectly onto the right two puzzles with no additional rows of gold, meaning that they only have a thin golden border separating them (equal to 2x half a puzzle piece = thickness of roughly one puzzle piece). On the other hand, the border between the top and bottom two maps seem to be a thick border and she was expecting all the borders, the ones in-between and the ones on the outside, to be the same thickness (same number of golden rows). Referring to the golden border pieces that come with one quarter of the puzzle (one map), how much of the dividing border does it cover and is this the same for each quarter? The number of golden border pieces just doesn't make sense at the moment. I am hoping to save her some agony and frustration by getting some advice on how to approach these borders. A good start would be to know how thick (number of puzzle rows) each border is.

border thickness

I don't remember exactly how many rows thick the border was and unfortunately we have the puzzle rolled up and stored right now. My recollection is that the border was about 3-4 rows thick. The problem with the gold pieces is that they do fit together in a variety of ways so your wife may have fit them together incorrectly and may still need to add a row of gold pieces. I'm glad I don't have to do those gold pieces again. I about lost my mind. Hopefully you can get some other feedback here from others who have done the puzzle more recently and can give you a more accurate number. In the picture above you can at least see how equal the border looks around the edges and in between the maps.

18000 puzzle

I have done the maps and I'm doing the Jungle one now (by myself - I'm the only puzzler in the household). I have done many oversize puzzles and have always opened all the bags and dumped all the pieces into the box together. I made the mistake of doing this with the maps. The border is indeed 4 pieces thick and having all border pieces mixed together made me completely nuts. So on the current one I separated the border pieces and did those in 4 separate quadrants, but then dumped all the non-border pieces in the box and mixed them up so I'm really doing one large puzzle and not 4 mid-sized ones.

18000 piece maps puzzle

Hi Chris and Naomi,

I want to thank you for posting your comments and advice in regard to constructing the 18000 piece Ravensburger World Maps puzzle. I know I am commenting almost a decade after the completion of your puzzle, but I bought the puzzle many years ago and am still working on it. I just finished one section of the puzzle and I have been constructing it for four years! The advice for finding the pattern of the puzzle has been extremely helpful. I am having trouble with the gold border as well. I have thirteen piece left and I know that I placed gold pieces incorrectly long ago even though the pieces do fit. All in all, it has been fun to construct a puzzle of this magnitude; it is family time well spent.

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I seгiously enjoyed гeading it, уοu are a gгeat author.
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18000 puzzle

Hello there,

My name is Jason and I too just got married the day before you started the mammoth puzzle (5/16/05). I think you guys did finish it quicker than I but I had virtually zero help, especially from my wife. She is NOT a puzzle person. It took me about 360 days, with a 3 month break in the summer. I do believe I am the first in the US to complete it though. A lady in Ireland finished in Oct of 03 and I was Dec 03. It was a lot of fun to do. I was on 2 news stations and in the local paper. Right now the puzzle is in my local mall here in Rochester, NY at a game store that sells puzzles. I guess everyone loves it. I did build a nice frame around it too. My story is listed at puzzlehistory.com  under record breaking puzzles.  Although I guess it is not the largest anymore.  Did you hear about the  22,4000  and also 19 something  thou.  Trying to get myhands on now. Will keep yoiu posted.


Big puzzles

I just found your page trough a forum, and i found a link for those big puzzles that you mention. You can see them here:


We have started out with a bit smaller ones at 1000 pcs and have made those for many years because we havent had the space, but want more challenge since we can make those in about 8 hours now non-stop. We only have a 20 squaremeter livingroom and an ordinary dinnertable :-) I also understand now that any puzzle can be done - its just a matter of time, rather than experience :-)

I also understand that those enormous puzzle only is made once in a lifetime.

Sincerely, Anette from Denmark

Chris & Naomi Hathaway Home | Homepage for the Chris & Naomi

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18000 puzzle...again

sorry i mean to say 4/16/05 was my wedding date not 5/16

Puzzle madness

When Naomi put together the 3D golden hollogram puzzle, I thought she was a mix of crazy and amazing. Now I know that she's just plain crazy!

Just kidding. I am amazed that you guys finished it!!!

You deserve an award or something.

I wish I knew this was on the internet last year...ha ha...i know my comment is a little late.


18000 tropical impressions puzzle


my name is maarten storms, I'm 23 years old ant i live in bevel (it's a small town close to antwerp, in belgium). I just wanted to congratulate you guys with your accomplishment. I'm currently working on the tropical impressions jigsaw from ravensburger. This is the second 18000 piece puzzle they make. I'm now very close to finishing the whole thing (i think i have about 2000 pieces left to lay). I started it on december 25, 2005 and i'm set on finishing before june 25, 2006. So i will have worked on it for 6 months (it's fast but i don't know if it's a speed record... and yes, i did it all by myself). Before this puzzle i did a 12000 piece ravensburger (NYC skyline, printed in 1998, and bought via Ebay...the skyline like i will remember it forever, with the 2 WTC towers). I started this in the beginning of september 2005, and finished on december 4, 2005. Then i did a 1000 piece clementoni (an italian company) puzzle, and on december 25, 2005 i started with my current mission. So if I finish before june 25, i will have done +31000 pieces in 10 months (12096 + 18240 + 1000). This may sound crazy, but i'm a real puzzlefreak. For anyone that doesn't believe it until they see it with their own eyes, email me and i can send you pics (nothing_changes@hotmail.com). I took a picture of the 12096 and 1000 piece puzzle when i completed them, and now with the 18240 piece one, i'm going all out. I have 18 picture of each quarter (Because it comes in 4 separate bags, one bag contains 4560 pieces), in various states of comletement, and at the end of next month i will have a picture of the completed 18240 piece puzzle. so with this puzzle, if you flip through all the pictures, you can slowly see it evolving from 1 piece, to a completed 18240 pieces. The only shame is that i currently don't have the room to glue the NYC skyline and the tropical impressions puzzle, so i number every piece on the back using a pen, and then take them apart and put them back in the box. If i glue them in a couple of years i just have to sort out the numbers and put them together.

Greeting from belgium,


NYC Ravensburger puzzle

Would you be willing to sell the Ravensburger 12,000 pice puzzle you put together? I have been looking for this puzzle for YEARS! Many thanks for considering this and I will pay any asking price.

Ravensburger NY 12,000 pc puzzle

I was doing some research on this puzzle and ran across your post to asking if someone was willing to sell his puzzle. Are you still looking for it?

I happen to have the Ravensburger 178315 12,000 pc New York puzzle and I am trying to sell it. It is NIB with the shrink wrap intact. Are you still looking to purchase it? I have it posted on Craigslist right now for $200 and was told by another collector that she paid much more for one that had already been put together (current new Ravensburger 12,000 pc puzzles are going for $130), but if you want to make me an offer, I will consider it. You would have to pay for shipping if necessary. I can send you a pic if you need it, but is sounds like you are familiar with the puzzle.

I’m not a scammer or spammer – just having some tough financial luck and am trying to sell some of my collectibles and stuff that is taking up space. If you are interested in the puzzle I can send you some info on me so that you can check me out. I know there are too many scammers out there, and I am not one of them.


I talked to a couple people

I talked to a couple people who said suggested it is worth more than I am asking, so I'm putting it on Ebay.

18000 tropical impressions

can anyone please help.  I have completed the top right hand quarter and the top left hand quarter of this puzzle only to find that one quarter does not fit with the other.  Is anyone having similar problems?  If you own this puzzle can you please tell me what the four bag reference numbers you puzzle has. 
I have complained to Ravensburger but they can only offer to replace the puzzle.
Please help me if you can as I have spent 150 hours so far and I am now very frustrated. See my web site
looking forward to hearing form you

reply to andrew

hi andrew, i completed the 18k tropical impressions last year.  i remember spending a lot of time on the green border.  but i always open all the bags & mix all the pc before i start, so it is truely an 18k puzzle for me, not just 4 smaller ones.  i finished the world maps & st columbia altar & the 2 13,200 clementori ones & many many others over the past 30 years. 

the green pc were difficult because there were so many pc the same shape, but in the end i got it together properly with no duplicates or missing pc.  when i get to a large area with all the same color pc, i will try to find a completed section with the same repetitive pattern of pc.  all the large puzzles repeat sections & u can often tell the border within the puzzle because of slight color differences (there were slightly different shades of green in tropical impressions) or one row of pc might be slightly wider or narrower than the neighboring pc (i believe this helped me w/ the altar of st columbia).

  anyway,  take another look at the right & left borders & keep trying different combinations, wish i were there to help!!

tropical impressions

thanks very much for your reply.  It looks as though I have a rogue puzzle.  Is is possible for you to tell me what the bag numbers were so I can compare them with mine. I suppose it is just possible that some of the pieces I need are in the other bags? With doing each quarter seperately I have just about completed all the green pieces but the top left quarter will not fit together with the right.  Goodness knows where I would have been if I had mixed all the pieces together.  I must say that the green edges make the puzzle unecessarily difficult and less interesting that if it were all picture.  I must say I am very impressed that you have completed the whole puzzle mixing the pieces together.

to Andrew

I had the same problem with our puzzle. The pieces look like they're in the right places, but if it doesn't fit the other quarter you need to try moving pieces around. It's sooo frustrating. Your puzzle isn't broken, if you sent it back and received another you would still have the same problem. The border was definitely the hardest part of the puzzle. By the end I was about ready to force them to fit. Just keep working at it and you should get it eventually.

hey there,congratulations

hey there,

congratulations for finishing this amazing jigsaw puzzle :>

i want to ask you if there are any websites that can help me finish my jigsaw puzzle?

what i mean is if there are any diagrams to the puzzle?

my jigsaw puzzle is one of picasso's paintings, it's 3000 pieces and i'm tired of it...

so please help me...


Hello therei was just

Hello there
i was just looking through the web for this puzzle and i finally found somebody that has finished it
i am 17 years old and really puzzle fanatic
i saw this huge thing in a local store about 2 years ago and i decided to take the challenge, after 3-4 months i had achieved my goal to finish it
i admit it was really hard (especialy the gold edges) and the fact that i was the only one trying to put it together (none of my family members is really patient) made it more difficult
i had to come up with a lot of "tricks" to finish it, like categorize the pieces based on sape and not color
some times i had to sleep in the floor because my bed was out of my room so the puzzle could fit :p
here is a foto of me, my father and a family friend (from left to right) trying to put the puzzle in the wall, it is not really clear because we used a cellphone and not a camera :(

i hope ravensburger will make an even bigger one than that :D

Greeting from USA



ravensburger  rocks man. ive been fixing their puzzles ever since i was a kid. Iam very impressed seeing the 18,000 puzzle broken. i saw it once a year ago in my local toy shop and by god i was shocked and was scared to even try and look at it.

Ravensburger World Maps Saga

The following is an account of my adventure assembling the World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle in our upstate New York home:

I completed the Ravensburger World Maps in February of 2006 having worked clockwise starting with the upper left panel. Once started, each panel took me 3 to 3.5 weeks to complete, working approximately 5-6 hours per day (after coming home from work) and 12 to 15 hours per day Saturday and Sunday (i.e. I recieved some assistance from my wife and children to the tune of about 200 to 300 pieces throughout the total process)! I know...I need to get a life!! I completed the first panel in March of 2005. The second and third panels in October-November 2005 and the fourth panel as noted earlier, in February 2006. Actually I found the process relatively relaxing with the exception of the gold border, which previous writers mentioned as indeed being quite difficult. The gold borders took me on average 3 to 4 days to complete just in themselves! I was able to pick up certain piece shape patterns after finishing the first panel and that helped speed the process along with the other panels. Upon completion I transported each of the four panels (stacked one another on construction foam board) in our minivan to a local frame shop. On the way there, I had to brake a bit hard at an intesection and one of the panels slid off, forcing me to pull to the side of the road and spend the next 45 minutes, traffic whizzing by, reassembling approximately 100 pieces that had come apart on the floor of the car! Catastrophe barely averted, I worked with the local framer at his shop (he closed up early to clear the shop of any customers for the needed floor space!) to lay out and glue the puzzle to a light board backing. We subsequently placed a piece of plexiglas over the puzzle and inserted it all in an antique Italian wooden frame, the latter exercize (puzzle and plexiglas going up from the floor to the frame) requiring 6 people! We weren't out of the woods quite yet however. I needed to rent a u-haul truck to transport the now framed puzzle to my house, where the framer, his assistant, my son, two friends and I now had the task of trying to carry the framed puzzle up the first landing of our foyer stairs to it's resting place on the foyer hallway wall. The framer's assistant, fearful of the total weight of puzzle, plexiglas and frame (around 300 pounds), had come to the house the day prior to rig a support system (essentially a long panel of cedar board screwed into the studs), that we could ultimately lift and rest the frame upon. Long story short, we were successful, barely, in clearing sundry doorframes and climbing hallway steps with four of us pushing upward from the steps and 1st floor to 2 of us lifting from the 2nd floor landing, and placing the framed work on it's resting support...where it sits today. Bottom line...I hope we never have to move!!!! Good luck to others working on this puzzle. Mine was a labor of love...with an emphasis on labor! Oh by the way...if you're curious, the total cost of the project was roughly as follows: Puzzle $135...Board backing $75...Glue $50...Plexiglas (initially could not find a large enough piece, but finally found a source out of Detroit through countless on-line searches) $450...Frame of 4 inch Italian antique gold (i.e. color closely matches the puzzle's gold border) trimmed oak wood $850, and finally labor and miscellany (e.g. u-haul rental etc.)...$300 for a total cost of around $1,900! Expensive...yes...but too much time and effort spent not to have it appropriately displayed. Good luck to those of you working on your respective puzzles. You too won't be disappointed with your finished product! As for me...I'm still resting up!!!!

Chris & Naomi Hathaway Home | Homepage for the Chris & Naomi

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Hey, I just found this page

Hey, I just found this page from a link on Wikipedia. Glad to see other fans of big puzzles. I recently completed Clementoni's 13,224 piece Lahaina Vision after mixing all 6 bags together and doing the big puzzle instead of 6 tiny puzzles. only took 2 and a half months. I would've finished sooner but had to rest because I was getting backaches and neckaches. Then I slathered it with puzzle glue and hung it on the wall with pushpins. Great mural and a nice conversation piece.

Has anyone completed an 18,000 piece puzzle after mixing all the pieces together? not doing 4 separate 4500 piece puzzles. I want to try that with Educa's Columba Altapiece Triptych. The Ravensburger puzzles would probably be too difficult with the lack of variety and that annoying border.

i always mix the bags for

i always mix the bags for all my puzzles - & i have completed all the large ones. i am eagerly waiting for the next new puzzle issue with 10k+ pc.

Just bought this one puzzle

Greetings from Serbia!
Your puzzle is really gorgeus ... I bought in april this year 9000 Ravensburger puzzle - an old map...and finished it with my sister in exactly 20 days 6-8 hours every day (although i did 80% of the job alone). Today I bought this 18240 pieces Old Map puzzle. I suppose that this one can be put together in two months or so. But that adventure will wait.....till i graduate in 2-3 months. I bought this puzzle only because it was ONLY one ever imported here...and I was afraid that someone will buy it...and i bought it even i dont have time to solve it right now :)

Puzzles without pictures

Hi Folks,
WOW ! Congratulations on completing such a HUGE puzzle, that's really an achievement.

I found this site by accident, and I wondered if any of you puzzle addicts could tell me where I can get (in the UK preferably) jigsaw puzzles without pictures - by that I mean a picture puzzle in a 'blank' box with no reference picture to help you put it together. I've been told they exist but I can't find one anywhere. I've seen the Agatha Christie Mystery puzzles but they're not really what I want. Any help or suggestions appreciated.

What to use to put together the 18,000 pc. puzzle


I am seeking ideas on what to use to assembly my 18,000 piece puzzles on.

I am at my wits end.



Assembly Surface

I came up with a fold-up table top to enlarge my kitchen table when I put together my 12,000 David Reaching Out to God Puzzle.
1. Buy four pieces of foam-core board--it's stiffer than poster board but still light weight. Use duct tape to tape the four pieces together like the board of a board game, i.e., so they fold on top of one another.
2. At a fabric store, buy several yards of heavy felt, enough to fit a panel of the puzzle. Also ask if you can have one of their discarded fabric bolts (it's like a huge paper towel roll, about five feet long). Duct tape the felt to the bolt.
3. Place the foam-core on the table, and lay the felt over the foam-core board. When you are done working on the puzzle and need you use the table, just roll the puzzle up. You will need to reassemble minor sections, but nothing major. Just be careful not to put too much weight on the foam-core board that is not supported by the table!
Good luck.

12,000 piece ravensburger the creation of adam jigsaw

Hi Kara,

Congrats on completing the 12,000 piece jigsaw,
i am in the process of making the puzzle. but with two small childreen to look after.
it is hard to find the time to put aside for the puzzle.
i have it now for four years and would be gratefull if you could help me.
maybe take a pic of it.
I think that would help a lot.

Again, a very well done, on completing the puzzle.

yours thankfully,


Chris & Naomi Hathaway Home | Homepage for the Chris & Naomi

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Assemble your 18,000 piece puzzle

Hi, use a kitchen table,put a 1/4 - 4x8 sheet of plywood on top, or 2 4x4 sheets, then you will have enough room to work and to spread pieces.

One puzzle - 18000 pieces

I'm one of the few attempting to do the whole puzzle at once. It just seems like cheating to not mix the bags otherwise you're not really doing an 18000 piece puzzle, you're doing 4 4500 piece puzzles. I thought it was interesting to see that there is actually a warning in the box to not mix them. I must say, it's a bit intimidating to see that huge box filled nearly to the top with pieces. I spent the first week sorting pieces into gladware containers just to get some of the pieces out of the box so I had room to move. Storage of course was a concern. The only table we have is only big enough for 1/2 of one of the panels so I've had to split is up into 8 sections. After seeing how much commerical puzzle mats are I decided to purchase 10 yrds of felt from Wal-mart for about $40 and two 10ft x 4in PVC pipes for $15. I've cut the pipes to make 4 4ft tubes and roll up two mats onto each. When working on the second section I just unroll it over the first. I started on 12/14/2006 so I'm only about a month into it. The first thing I did was to start piecing together the pieces that are part gold/part picture, what I call the sub-border. I also started assembling the border pieces around each of the globes and around the pictures on the upper left panel. This has given me a framework to build on for each of the panels. I am currently working on the lower right panel mainly because I have already collected a good many speckled pieces and it's dictinctive from the other panels. The gold border I'm saving for last. Not quite sure how thats going to go yet..

Worlds Largest Jigsaw Conquered !

Congratulations on an absolutely amazing achievement. A big well done! I am totally blown away that someone has the patient and the skill (and perhaps a little madness too :o) ) to complete a jigsaw of that many pieces.
Although I have never tried (I am a veteran of jigsaw puzzles), I have always stood away from trying this mammoth. Aside from the price and the risk that you know you may never complete it, I can't even lift the unopened box in the shop, it is so heavy!
Thanks for the photo. It has to be seen to believe!


PS You also have a beautiful baby !

World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

Oh,I am very envious of you who have already finished the largest historic map puzzle. I live in the Philippines and I have already told my aunt (who resides in USA) to purchase the puzzle. My problem now is to ship the item here without having to pay for taxes. My fingers are really very itchy already to have a hold of them, mix all the 4 packs and start asembling although I don't have a very large space yet. As I read comments from this site, I feel more and more excited to get hold of it. I hope I will be able to send it here sometime soon.

I was amazed to read that someone did it for just a few months. I thought this will take years to be completed but no, it can be done in a few months time.


More powers to you guys!


Hey Chris and Naomi...Cool stuff this is- congratulations ! i know its been a long time now since you guys have accoplished this but i just got to read this now... I have only tried a couple of these puzzles and -currently working on 1000 piece-"rockefeller workers having lunch on a steel beam" - the picture is all shades of grey/black and white am finding it a little difficult.. reading this article of yours have inspired me no end.. way to go...
Sona from India

how many pieces?

Just out of curiosity, for the 18,000 piece puzzle, how many pieces across and how many pieces up is it? Congrats to all you who have done it, I am still trying to decide if I could ever commit to it, but it's extremely tempting.

Puzzles 18000+

Hi Chris, hi Naomi,

It is so great you did finish 18000+ puzzle picture. Well done.
My family (me, Olga and Dasha 11 yo) just completed another big one from Revensburger in Australia: Tropical Impressions. It was about 10 months enjoyable work and we are lucky to have a big wall in our house to put it on. We have selected and bought some special furniture to suit the picture style. We are making a frame to hang the puzzle to the wall. It is promissing to be a hard project itself. You may wonder how I tackle that in a month time.
I wish you to have your house where you can do what you want.

have a good time


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Puzzle - jungle

REALLY having trouble with the border. I am doing the lower left quarter of the jungle puzzle. Finished the main body in about 3 months but am struggling with the border. So many pieces that will fit in multiple holes. I have decided that it must be worked from the inside out? Or maybe from the corner? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Another question for anyone who has done more than one section - I would assume that each section was cut out with the same pattern, meaning that one finished section could be used as a "pattern" for the other section.....is this correct?

I would be happy to provide my email to anyone wanting to share, or complain together!


These people might help

Dear Dick,

I haven't done this puzzle. But I know that the man that runs our local puzzle shop has because it is hanging on his store's ceiling!!!

He's a very friendly chap so I think he would answer any questions you might have if you are still struggling with this.

His website is www.just4fun.co.nz

Best Regards, Janet

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